3D Gallery & lessons

Learn outstanding three-dimensional vision :

cross-eyed & Parallel Technics  with fast new cross-eyed method :))

Simple exemple below with an autoportrait ...

being realised of a most unconventional way with the single lens camera unmoved (!)
and just turning a bit my head (which is then the only 3D feature) in between the two pictures
making it highlighted on a particularly uninteresting background :))
MegaCam, Aiptek, webcam
640*480 mode
Instant pictures while looking at the camera
Noise reduction with NeatImage.

Tour de France 2007 - 3D (a few seconds preview)

Important corrosion (in 3D) by unwashed mediterranean sea water after 1 year

Mondial Automobile 2006 PARIS

Testing 3D movies with a single camera
(Aiptek 3500 : see result taken from a car window)

,nn Simultaneaous real 3D Moon
in collaboration with Gerardo Addiego, Uruguay

  My Best 3D [anaglyph / cross-eyed CREY] Images
(NIR = near Infrared)-3D

Spring in Gif sur Yvette, France
3D-anaglyphe  ,  3D cross-eyed and 3D-Viewmagic vues

3D Images in Orsay University, near Paris, of the catastrophic storm over FRANCE (Dec 26th 1999)

Total Moon Eclipse in 3D

Comets in 3D

Planetary Conjunction 2002 in 3D

 First Images with ViewMagic

More images (not yet sorted)
Pierre GIDON http://perso.wanadoo.fr/alpes-stereo/index.htm