3D image of the Moon created with Lusol3D from SBIG STL11000M image (20140204)

Crossed eyes vision

Parallel vision

Anaglyph vision

First 3D image of the Sun by STEREO satellites of the NASA (20070423)

I did some re-work to improve visible resolution and present it in cross-eyed view

(smaller 1024 wide pixel vue)

Mercury transit as seen bye Hinode satellite converted in 3D

Presented here in cross-eyed vision, please download
StereoMovie Player for other 3D viewing at http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/stvply/


3D Saturn and the Beehive (M44)

First image 31/01/2006, 01_29_10 UT / Second image 1/02/2006, 00_10_06 UT
Canon 10D, 400 ISO, 300mm zoom lens, FD6.3, 3 min exposures, LPS filter

// 3D vision (very good effect)
3D cross-eyed vision (very good effect)
3D anaglyph (red cyan glasses)
Note : rather difficult to see well because of very high contrast on stars.
3D vision with Viewmagic (good effect)

I am sure you have noticed (only in 3D) that one star near Saturn does not behave like the others !
It seems double... the reason is that is not a star, it is Titan its biggest satellite... and it has moved during the 1 day interval between the 2 pictures !


Simultaneaous real 3D Moon
in collaboration with Gerardo Addiego, Uruguay,
and Gilbert Grillot, creator of stereovue.
Paris-Montevideo ground distance is 10 975 Km (~1/35 of the Moon distance) !

All images are copyright Sylvain WEILLER, 1998-2010


Calculations thanks to Denis Joye

Parallactic angle = 1.41°

Paris 48°52'N, 2°19'E

Montevideo 34°55'S, 56°10'W

Lattidude variation = 83°47'

Longitude variation = 58°29'

Angular distance = 102°

Base line = 9792 Km

Geocentric Moon distance at 22/03/05 22H05UT = 400159 Km

Moon distance from base line = 396194 Km

3D Schickard crater
(detail with webcam after capturing the gibbous Moon below-processed with stereovue)

For the advanced stereographer, here is an interlaced view (Zalman compatible)



3D Gibbous Moon

Copyright Gerardo Addiego (Uruguay) and Sylvain Weiller (France)-Processed with stereovue

For the advanced stereographer, here is an interlaced view (Zalman compatible)