IR (or better said NIR) Movies and images

Dec2017 ... NIR and 3D-stereo combined !

The power of infrared ... seing the invisible !

Infrared enhanced color image giving nice reddish foliage, from fully synchronized & simultaneous
Clear and N-IR pictures using the '2 picture Wide-Angle-Zoom' advanced function of the W3 !

June 21, 2011 ... Some of the first IR pictures ever published with a Fuji W3 camera !!

20101117 Infrared painting (C2020Z & Registax5)

20090517 Latest images with DV3500 camera (filter as below) : fruits and extended colors !

A simple 3mpix IR camera requiring no modification for in NIR photography or MPEG4 320*240 movies !

Comparison between defiltered EOS Canon 300D and (only IR cut filter removed) 40D

A movie : Samsung video-camera VP-L350 PAL + B+W 93 = 87c (Compressed in divx 5.2.1, 1Mo) St-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse-NIRdemo

3D Cha-cha cross-eyed pictures OLYMPUS C2020Z, B+W092 (=Hoya R72) filter, first trials ! Paris, FRANCE,  Jardin des Plantes