Mondial Automobile 2006 PARIS in 3D movies
The biggest car fair in the World !

High resolution (740*480) 3D movies (Divx format)

Anaglyphic view
Parallel view
Vertical ViewMAgic
~ 5
~ 10
The famous DS show
~ 15


2 DCR-PC 110 Sony were used in auto mode.
They were placed side by side on a strong 1 cm PVC bar with a base of about 10cm.
The support was mounted on a photographic tripod.
Then I could hold it with the cameras very high, straight up or inclined, for somes sequences, up to about 3 meters above ground. I was able to see one of the screen from that distance.

I started / stopped sequences either by pressing the 2 buttons by hand or with the IR remote when easier.

Back at home, the tapes have been saved to my PC with Windows Movie Maker using DV-AVI compression (15Go per tapes).
As StereoMovieMaker is not able to read that format, I used VirtualDub to save blended de-interlaced, 10x decimate (*), movies in HuffYUV lossless compressed AVIs. The short sequences were then loaded in StereoMovieMaker, adjusted to the nearest frame, windowed on the foreground and save in different 3D format in Divx. Then I reloaded them in VirtualDub to change the frame rate to 25 fps and the audio to MPEG layer 3 - full processing mode ; this step could have been done better and directly at this moment *.