Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2

Click on image above to download movie (1 MB) ...

100/500 SW Refractor, defiltered Canon 40D, 60 x 15s exposures at 1600 ISO, Alignment RegiStax5 on comet nucleus, PDark.

Artificial flat and gamma to enhance the trail ...


DSS processing (comet & stars) RegiStax6 (click for full size)

DSS processing (comet & stars) Helicon & RegiStax6 denoise (click for full size)


Comet Lulin


2009/02/28, Orion 80 ED, 6.3 Celestron reducer, IDAS/LPS filter taped to be able to focus !!
Autoguiding PHPGuiding with webcam toucam pro.
18 CRW exp. 90s, defiltered canon 300D, darks and flats, Registax5 on comet nucleus ...

17P / Holmes, 20071107 00:14 UT, defiltered Canon 300D, IDAS LPS filter with 48-49-58 adaptor rings, 50-300mm at 300mm FD5.6, 1600 ISO,
single 5 min exposure, dark substracted, Pdark substracted

Below, 266 x 1 min (800ISO) unguided frames registered - for some manually because a nearby star - on the nucleus with Registax 4 taken on 2007 nov 27
(St Rémy lès Chevreuse, France, defiltered Canon 300D , LPS filter, Skywatcher 100/500 mounted on 12" LX200, Pocket Shutter)


17P / Holmes,was easily seen without any instrument, has been nearest to Earth on 2007, Nov 4-7
Don't miss my wallpaper detailed shots !


C/2007 F1 (LONEOS)
Skywatcher 100/500, Canon EOS 10D, 30s, 1600 ISO
Detail at right (Registax V4) and pdark !


Comet linear C/2000-WM1 in Perseus
(middle november 2001... to be precised)
VP-SC on SP-DX mount
C8 plus reductor (F/D=6.3)
Circles : red = comet, blue = stars, white = hot pixels

See 3D images below !

The .GIF animation (1 image /min) can be seen with a mouse click on the small animation below. It has been obtained from
an AVI of 273 images (245Mo uncompressed) representing ~45min of 640*480 movie
with individual exposures of 10s one after the other.
The periodic and polar alignment error have been taken care off by the automatic tracking function of Astrosnap as shown on the animation by the dance of the hot pixels :)
Registration what then perfected in IRIS.

To see animation full size click on the above image (.GIF file is : 260Ko)

COMETS in pseudo 3D

Comet linear C/2000-WM1 in Perseus
(middle november 2001... to be precised)
VP-SC on SP-DX mount
2 images from AVI at 1~minute apart
(color images manually cleaned from hot pixels)
Incredible :
In 3D vision it appears really as a
small perl surrounded with an assymetric cloud !


Comet Hale Bopp above and Yakutake below slightly in front of a star background
Slides taken minutes apart with a 4" fluorite refractor and not intended  primarily for 3D

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