Pictures in NIR (near Infrared) and 3D Stereo


Defiltered (and refiltered with clear glass) Canon 1100D for Full Spectrum (UV .. NIR).

830 nm Infrared pass filter (cuts all visible light below NIR)

Of course focusing is only with live view !

Presentation : anaglyphs red-cyan (clic for full size).

Downloads (if right-click) : STEREO-3D .MPO and JPG // vision, 2D pictures

All pictures in UHD (3840 x 2160) and really it makes a difference on a large UHD TV !!


.MPO    .JPG         No IR filter ("see" invisible mountains !) JPG     No IR filter ("see" invisible mountains !) MPO     2D

600m above the Dead Sea at Ein Gedi, Israel. Wide angle view. Jordanian mountains on other side of the Dead Sea are seen through the fog ...

.MPO       JPG     2D

From 250m above the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi Kibutz.

.MPO       JPG    2D

600m above the Dead Sea at Ein Gedi. Zoom on kilometers far and high mountains !

.MPO       JPG    2D

Jerusalem Old-City from Mt. Scopus (SW view)

.MPO       JPG    2D

Jerusalem from Mt. Scopus (W view, see Gesher Hametarim = Harp Bridge, far right)
See nice white trees ...

MPO       JPG    2D

Jerusalem from Above King David'sTomb : Mount of Olives JerusalemCemetery