Moon Total Eclipses


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Reconstruction was done using [~1 week old] Google cache [more recent than other equivalent known sites] ...
Thanks Google ! Without that feature, 2007 Moon eclipse data would also have been erased then searched in much older archives on hard disks !

Therefore I suggest to other to do a *.htm in Explorer for any site which is going to be updated then save all the resulting files in a safe directory.
For my site which is 9 GB it takes 30s no more and it is only 5 MB altogether !

Eclipse of 20150928


Specially processed UHD 3840 x 2160 image of the dark totality ...
Believe me, just amazing on your UHD TV in a dark room !
Right-click on this Moon picture and save to a USB key !

Above : 9 pictures (02:46 to 02:47 UT) to reduce noise with Nikon D810 (1/2 s, ISO 5000, F/ 10) on Celestron 8 Edge (equatorial mount),
aligned with AS2! then processed with Wx, RegiStax6, Inpaint (removal of star movements) and Irfanview

This Total Moon Eclipse was marvelous. The best I ever photographed !

C8 Edge + Nikon D810 FE

EOS 500D on Fluorite Perl Vixen 100/900

EOS 1100D + 18-50 mm @ 50 mm

EOS 40D + Peleng 8mm

Scopos + ASI120-MC (ISS pass)

EOS 1100D + Taka FS-60C

FujiFilm HS10 + 1.5 x extender

Setup 1 from left to right : 1100D+FS-60 / NikonD810+CEdge / 1100D+50mm



Eclipse of 20070303_0304