Great Total Moon Eclipse at Perigee !

EOS 500D on Fluorite Perl Vixen 100/900
Moon captured every 30s ...


Totality has been aligned !
Click on this smaller animation (GIF) for viewing 50% original size AVI (Xvid)
For this trial no darks or flats yet ...

Process :
1- RegiStax5 / Gradient filter / Align by CoG / save LAGS
2- On the result AVI / Gradient filter / alignment on Tycho (size 64) / save LAGS
3- VirtualDub / sat +25 / cropping / Save as Xvid

Nine original non aligned resized JPG pictures (1st selection among hundreds):
Click on pictures for larger ones.

Manual alignment in PSP :

Click here to download & see first astromovie (2D)

The same astromovie reconstituted in 3D (cross-eyes view) !



Other 3D vision modes please click on desired :

Parallel       Anaglyph

The setup used 3D cross-eyes view :