ISS-TRACKING with Emmanuel Rietsch tracking system                   2014



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Nice ISS passes in BW / Mount in Equ mode - August 15-16, 2014

For the time being links to the RegiStax5 recentered videos (15 .. 80 MB downloads in AVI XVID compression 10) right click on pass image to download :


High ISS pass ( 84°) in BW / Mount in Equ mode - October 21, 2014
First success with C8 EdgeHD, FS60, Telrad DMK41, ASI120MM-S + 1.6 barlow
(on USB2)

Weather conditions clear with passes of light clouds hiding the ISS, turbulent seeing, Sun at -15°,
timing of pass favorable to be able to finalize centering and focus on Vega, nicely blinking near the location of appearance of the ISS !

seeing was rather poor as shown in the animation here :

ISS aiming :
ISS northern pass ! VS, Inv AD = no
ISS in dark sky easily catched using the Telrad and XBOX-360 Controller.

ISS Tracking :
DMK41 GiGe. Exp 0.031s Gain 0, 15 fps N&B. Foc: 355 mm.
Tracking was rather good and solved some light cloud passes, until disappearance behind my roof.

ISS acquisition :
No IRCut filter used.
The EDGE-HD C8 was equipped with a 1.6x barlow (resulting FL = 3.2m) .
57fps, BW mode, 8 bits, (ROI 800x800), Gain 80%, 0.0008s exposure, recording videos with FireCapture in extended AVI mode.
Motorized focusing facilitated by autiguiding in FC !
Use of VirtualDub, RegiStax5&6 :
above GIF is from a few packs of 100 frames. Click on it to access to the whole video (20MB)