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This multilingual software makes all painfull 3D work for you !!!

   Télécharger/Download (zip) Version 2.07 beta & Aide/Help (2.03) 

  Télécharger/Download (zip)  Version 2.07 beta only  

If needed click on "Langues " and change to your country flag ...

 ANY.lng is written to adapt the interface to YOUR language
by just changing on each data line (no // at the begining) all english text after the ',' to text
in your language and sending the new text file to me as XX.lng !
& character is for shortcuts with the next letter)
Your name will be posted, thank's ...

A few exemples realised with V2.0 beta
from hand held successive shoots from one single lens digital camera :

3 min demo (from shooting images to stereo image visible on PC screen) made at "Stereo Club de France"
The guy missing in the central chair ... is me, taking the pictures :))

Vision croisée / cross-eyed

Vision parallèle / parallel

Big mess in my garden !

Vision croisée / cross-eyed
click for larger image !

Vision parallèle / parallel