at 10-11Ghz

Phase II
Getting the signal in digital form... the UDR program !

click here to see the setup & first trial

I connected a multimeter at the wires of the buzzer. The signal is 3.0=V max.
Here is a cropped vestapro webcam movie (500Ko) of a transit just before the Sun was hidden.

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Now how to get thoses data into the PC in usable form ?

Gilbert Grillot and I have decided to develop "ODRSoft ™, Optical Digit Recognition" program to be used to acquire/save/plot any digital values on any apparatus in the World from a standard/timelapse video recording as above movie. The program is now even working on a live signal at more than 5 fps !

Below is a first recording of a solar transit :


The Moon transit was a goal more difficult than the Sun transit but I succeeded !

3)Eventually an electronic interface could be used to record the signal
May be the cheap one described at
Signal accepted : 0 - 2V or less which could work nicely with the buzzer signal.


See Original RAMEAU :