SATURN Opposition 2017

Light Speed round trip to Saturn !
For nice effect, please wait until fully loaded !


At a couple of weeks of 2017 Saturn opposition the rings where displaying their beauty on my PC screen.
The view inspired me to make a SCI-FI light speed round trip to Saturn !
Meade 10" Classic + 4x Televue 2" Barlow + ASI174MM B&W camera.
Acquisition FireCapture 3569 frm, Shutter = 15 ms, FPS = 66, Mid UT 22:50:35 / 20170517, Duration 53s, Gain 450. Registration AS!3 80% kept,
AVI making Ashampoo Snap8 movie - 1 frame every 1s - during Irfanview manual Zooming step 0.1,
GIF conversion PIPP.


FireCapture settings (20170528)
Cassini division is complete and Encke division at left is all but visible !

Typical RAW frame ^




Mosaic to show all visible satellites in a 10 SCT.

2007 season : for the time being please see TRUST webcam page...

SATURNE's Gallery Spring 2006

Saturne with Cassini division and even still some Encke division in the anseas
LX20012" , 3x barlow, -TUC2 Pro BW sensor
R25 red filter no IRcut, Avi -0002, Date 20060123 Time 230016, Stack 2505
Wavelets Registax 3 : WSL1_`0_WVX_1000_711_10_10_10
Contrast/Brightness 100_0, Gamma100

SATURNE's Gallery Fall 2005

November 17 around 4 UT, seeing is exceptionnal !
LX200 12", Toucam pro II for RVB, Toucam Pro B&W for luminance (below)


SATURNE's Gallery early 2005

20050204 - Results after Registax3 only (left) and + IRIS distor function (right)
Above, points for distor (morphing) function

20020221 LX200 12" Televue 3x Barlow Color Vesta Pro + IRcut filter

(C ring has been gamma enhanced)

Previous Saturn campaigns

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