Casio QV-2800UX / QV-2900UX)
& Astronomy

One of my 2.1 Mpixel Casio is not working normally anymore.
With the help of Henry Bovy, all the dead zoom lens and the IR-cut filter were removed.
Now it can be put at the focus of any telescope .... a new life !
It feels like a webcam with a control screen :)

See here for pictures ...

! Last Pictures !

See Planetary conjunction in 3D !!

Venus & Jupiter , a tower for each !
Chateau de la Madeleine, XI century
Chevreuse (78)

June 2, 2002, Venus is right

Comet C-Ikeya-Zhang-2002
TSC254 LX200, projection eyepiece 35mm
equatorial mount
one shot (1600*1200 JPG) of ~30s, april 8 2002


TSC254 LX200,
projection eyepiece 35mm
equatorial mount
29 shots (1600*1200 JPG) of ~30s
taken with unattended interval mode,
april 8 2002

combined with MDL2

Pictures taken in the presence of Sodium lights,
Red layer is all but suppressed

Dumbell, M27
afocal shot behing 35mm eyepiece and C8, rather strong zoom, 60 sec exposure, motorised in RA

This new result of September 9th, 2001 has been obtained by addition/combinaison of 10 raw images
automatically captured with the "interval" function in 1600*1200 JPG format
The Green layer has been used for making a pseudo LRGB in MDL !!

The Casio QVs for astronomy
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Shooting Stars & meteors


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