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MARS 2009-2010


If you are interested by the seeing conditions, please download this litte cropped registered around Mars XVid AVI (1Mo).



Camera VAC-135 1.3Mpix
1/2" 7 fps

DateTime : 20100131_014846
Wavelets _WSL1_1G_WVX05_1000_10_10_10_10_
CB : 100_0_
GA: 0.90
Hist HI0_207
Rotation 163


MARS 2007-2008

Night of good seeing : 20071221-22 just a first image with NIR filter (much more later)!

LX200 12", Toucam pro plus filter wheel 10fps, Barlow x5 20071217_000220
150% Multi(Div250) see here

Mars 20071128/05:06 UT
ToUcam III ( SPC900) no IRCut, 10 fps,
stack 807 out of 2700, wavelet WSDG_WV10_10_596_401_10_10 (Registax 4)

When Toucam was set to 25fps, live image seemed a bit clearer but finally images were captured only at 10fps on my PC.
Aspect is different nevertheless !

Toucam was set to 25fps (Left) and 10 fps (Right)
This time same stack size and same processing ...

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