ISS Tracking development update 20100317

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1. Make SatelliteTracker software more intuitive for live mouse or joystick adjustments :

Open instances of Screen Vision, select rotations or miror suiting your setup as seen below. Then decide with one is best for you when tracking !


2. RS232 serial exchange success between Satellitetracker software and LX200GPS (& failure if no scope present)
and logfile from ST (simulating LX200GPS sent infos)


3. Set DateTime of your LX200 GPS or classic with PC dateTime or User DateTime !

SatelliteTracker can synchronize the LX200 (Classic or GPS) based on the System DateTime of the PC (which can be precisely set within 1s via internet).

Connect PC and SCT with a RS232 serial cable. Turn on the scope and wait until "Align or Mode..." message. Choose Mode.
In Setup/Telescope, set GPS alignment to OFF.
In ST window, find "Telescope", select LX200 (Classic !) and not LX200GPS.

Then in "SET" check "adjust/reset LX200 dateTime" and choose either your selected DateTime or System DateTime.
It will be done automatically when you quit the window !

Note: it may pose DateTime problem if done later ....