Welcome to SCREEN VISION 1.5 !
Developed by Gilbert Grillot and Sylvain Weiller

SCREEN VISION 1.5 is offered "as is" ! Here you will find some examples plus brief explanations and hints ...

Screen Vision is a very fast (almost live depending of computer speed) screen enhancer ! It is very easy to use !

It may apply an unsharp mask (and eventually a zoom or a 180° rotation or mirror) on anything that appears on your screen around the mouse pointer ...
then you can see all details much better ! You can also freeze a part of the screen and move it all around in front of other applications !
Also save it to BMP or JPG !

It is more and more powerful but still very easy to use :

Just put the main window anywhere on your PC screen not used at the moment.
Eventually resize the window (the smaller the faster, limited anyhow in size, see Help and notes).

Choose zoom factor, vision type, intensity of the unsharp mask (really radius) by moving the appropriate cursor (more effect to the right).

If you have more than one screen, you can place Screen vision on any one, but for the time being, the inside image will only show the primary screen.

(En Français for V1.3, dqp : http://astrosurf.com/sweiller/Mesprog/ScreenVision/ScreenVision.htm)

older version 1.3 ...

New with V 1.5 ... A few 3D functions : Right - Left or Left - Right inversion 'X', W/2 and H/2 transform

Always put the mouse in the center of the original 3D picture !

From 1/2 width video (3D-TV standard) to Full Width ... LIVE !

Settings :

Result :


From parallel vision to X, crossed eyes vision !

Settings :

results (SBS or AB) :



You can set the speed of the refresh timer with a cursor (faster leftwards).
Depending on computer power, if the display freezes non intentionally,
try to reduce this setting (rightwards).

Position of the unsharp mask strength cursor at max left, desactivates this tool .
Select if wanted a 90° / 180° / 270° clockwise rotation or choose a vertical or horizontal mirror !

Pressing the SPACEBAR when focus is on Screen Vision window (only), will freeze the
present image as seen in the window !
This allows to move around an image, which was part of the screen, above all other
applications anywhere ! There is no problem to minimize the Screen Vision window
and restaure it hours later ! You can also then save the image in JPG or BMP.
Just left-click on the frozen image.
It is very useful for some stereo work especially with 3D movies under VirtualDub,
also useful to keep the "memory" of a part of the screen for later comparison with
other images.

You can set the size of the image seen inside the Screen Vision window to a precise
value directly by typing the width and height values. Then press '<>' to aply.
The size will be posted at all times in the application bar as a memo.
As the routines have been optimized for speed, size limit has been extended to 1024x768 !

Hints also in French added to all controls. New window's design !
Borders can be visible or invisible ! Just right-click in the Screen Vision window free space to altern state visible / invisible.

The cross-line will no more affect freezed image !

Here are a few examples :

Reminder of fugitive data you will loose when changing screen ...
Below example with size of directories (a time taking calculation in TotalCommander) you will have to redo from start
if you go to another disk, but it can be also a list of files, a list of prices or some other data, you name it, you have
on an Internet page and you want to keep visible at all times even after surfing elsewhere for comparisons, etc...

Invisible borders if wanted ... Original left, creative picture right with 2 instances of Screen Vision side by side at right.
Save it if wanted with Printscreen and gluing then saving in your favorite image processor (Irfanview freeware eg.).

From left to right, 90° and 270° rotations of the above picture :

From left to right, the VM, HM mirrors and 180° rotation :

Below some extract of SAT24 images ... Visit http://sat24.com/Region.aspx?country=fr&sat=ir&type=loop

The new quality (aliasing) of the ZOOM :

The new quality of the zoom, here combined with sharpening :

Zoom & sharpening : see around the red dot !

New ! Save the freezed image :

Used to frame 3D movies taken with a single miror (memorize one side + size)
See this dedicated page

On a weather animation [SAT24.com] (processed Screen Vision image on the left side) :
much better details and contrast on clouds, a crosshair appears where the mouse is located (option)...


Any kind of pictures : Wao ! So many details !

(Crop from snow image. Credit : Martina Borchert)


Astronomy picture (Mars, credit Jean-Jacques Poupeau, Essonne, France) : Faint details are more obvious ! Zoom 2X saved from Screen Vision at right ...

Another use in astronomy : focusing the images coming from a webcam, a higher priced camera (DMK, Lumenera ...) or like here from a Canon EOS...
The details beeing more visible, it is easier to focus precisely !


It works even with live Internet streams *** : here example with DailyMotion !

*** For some rare Internet streams, TV or else, reaching directly the graphic card, you may have to suppress
for the time you use Screen Vision all the hardware accelerations in the advanced parameters !
Note: this is the same procedure as with the available screen capture programs...

If you like it, see our mailbox in"About" !

And if you like it and use it all the time as we hope,
you could support and encourage our work a bit more by donating a few $ !


On our To-Do list :

Correct known memory leak !
(For the time being, please do not let ScreenVision open for more than 15 min)

Other 3D features

Parametered rotation
Multi-image freezer !

Mini-focus window
Implement many other types of filters (Gamma, luminosity, saturation, tint... )
Negative zoom
Frame integration / accumulation
A children's game when nothing better to do ...
(will be a larger Screen Vision window, including eg.
one normal and one horizontal mirror vue
for effects similar to the duck example above but with included saving capabilities)

Download :
Screen Vision 1.5 :
Zip file

(both tested virus free with up to date AVAST !)

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