Single (front face) mirror & single camera for 3D macro


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All images cropped and mirrored with PSP and arranged for stereo vision with stereovue freeware or StereoPhotoMaker.

June 2009


Cross-eyed view
(also 200% zoom)



// view
(also 200% zoom)



Cyan/Red anaglyph
(also 200% zoom)


Casio EX-FC100 210 fps

April 2009

First trials of single mirror movies !

Snail__//vision or Snail__X vision

20081012 : Ballad in the forest

Small frog (here shown enlarged 3 times !)

Amanita muscaria

Hydnum repandum

Oak parasite

Not much 3D but nevertheless some ... (remainder base is ~1cm)

// & X



20081002 : 3D is my passion ! :)

Passion flowers (

See also this nice page with many kinds of 3D Passion Flowers :

Other images and explanations for my personnal setup click here.

I have not invented this technic ! Have a look at those references :


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