Other 3D pictures...


20090220 Here comes the Spring !

Admire the nice little flowers of the chesnut tree !

Other flowers in the garden...

Bi-stereo : move the horizontal cursor to choose the images corresponding to your 3D vision then move the vertical cursor ...


20080926 Water jet and a mushroom (Amanita phalloïdes)

20080924 (V 1436 UT) Spider & insect !


20080923 Why not videos ? + an insect picture !

Quick test holding the mirror by hand in front of the camcorder ... see or download full size Divx 5s videos :

Anaglyph Cross-eyed Parallel

I catched this one before he could se me :)

Bistereo unprocessed version of the insect here

20080920 Avoiding some light reflexions

To avoid some reflexions in full sunlight like in the following picture,
I put a piece of dark electrical tape at the end of the mirror on the camera side.
(Note : the front face mirror is below).

Picture of the day ...


20080919 (V. 2200 UT) A better setup !

Mirror held with velcro (to be easily able to put it in a clean place afterwards)
Black piece is an original large adapter sustainer for Casio QV 2900X cameras 1.5 extender
White piece is made from aluminium

todays results :


Bi-stereo (use the 2 images coresponding to your mode of vision parallel or cross-eyed


20080918 Just testing what a single mirror 3D camera can give !

For this test I was just holding the front surface mirror (4*10 cm) cut from a xerox copier mirror
as the objective of this camera (Option S50) retracts when turned off !
I took care that the separation on the camera screen was only a vertical sharp line
and that the mirror was held flat against the objective.

Original picture reduced 50% with camera in macro mode.

I save the left part after applying a mirror operation.
Then I cut the right part, same size and save it.

After import and stereo aligning in Stereovue-3D the results are below in anaglyph, // and X versions.


and now an image in super macro mode if you want to work on it (right click to download full size) !