Testing Shelyak Education Spectroscope (600 l/mm)

Note : looking in the eyepiece of the spectroscope delivers a much cleaner and precise vue of the spectra especially much thiner and contrasted absorption lines !

Sony A7s, 50 mm lens and Baader "Clickstop Digital Camera Adapter"

The spectroscope is firmly squeezed in the center of a standard Scotch tape roll :)

High Pressure Sodium (at night, in the street near by) 1s, ISO 1600

Real proportions of original shot on Full Frame sensor :


Real proportions of original shot on Sony A7s APS-C mode sensor :

Processed (RegiStax6 after 16 bit Tiff conversion of ARW = Sony RAW)


Neon light on multiple plug sockets 1s, ISO 6400


Daylight (aiming at bright clouds) 1s, ISO 250


Tungsten Lamp 1/40s, ISO 100


Classic Neon tube 1/5s, ISO 100


Folded modern economic Neon bulb 1/5s, ISO 100


Cooking blue gas flame 2.5s, ISO 8000