Plane Sun & Moon transits


20150628- Coronado PST - DMK31

First pass of GIF will show frame by frame, near real speed of transit after full download (second pass and +)

New hints to do the same !

Take 10s SER files in autorun mode with Firecapture.
Firecapture saves a JPG for each SER file.
After the session containing hundreds of SER files, JPGs and text files, just look quickly at the JPGs not what contains every SER files !
Why ? If a plane has transited the Sun in one SER file, the JPG of the next one will show the contrails !

In the example below, the transit was in the previous SER files (here the left SER/JPG looking blank !)


2015051- Coronado SM90 + BF30 - Fluorite 100/900 PerlVixen - - 0.5x reducer - ASI174MM

What is coming at bottom left ? Click on reconstructed*** image below to see (note: 2 transits)!

*** Reconstructed from one frame of the plane transit and a 6GB .SER, AS!2 processed result.

Slower GIF movie               High quality XVID (Right click to download larger size)

Captures done with FireCapture in batch mode (each 240 s) with a 232 GB SST.
A few hours, near susnset (passing planes planes generally from Roissy airport)
SER files are checked from time to time with AS!2.
If nothing found .SER file is erased to regain space.

Can you identify the second plane ?


20150510 - Coronado SM90 + BF30 - Fluorite 100/900 PerlVixen - 0.5x reducer - ASI174MM
Right click on picture for Xvid movie

20150219 - Coronado SM90 + BF30 - Fluorite 100/900 PerlVixen - ASI174MM

In the only one very short session (20110602) of 30s only with the Coronado SM90 - Fluorite 100/900 PerlVixen - PL1M,
I had a very rare lucky transit ! It happened just in the middle of the 30s capture and also in the center of the frame :)

click on image for full size and here for 100 frame full size divx movie
(Sorry, much less quality than original which is 900Mb !).
Above and full size image was done in StarMax using minimum process with 2 images :
First one is the single image with the plane in good place
and second one is a RegiStax stacked and wavelet processed of the rest of the AVI with no plane and no countertrail ...


In a session (20100922) when I was testing the PST and double filtration I had a very lucky transit !

click for 29fps divx movie and here for 2fps one to see how the smoke 'evaporates' ...
(Identification ? Yes, thanks ! mail to me : sweiller at free dot fr)

A plane (A330, thanks Henry) transits the Sun as seen in Halpha light !

Coronado 40mm adapted on Perl Halley 70 / russian 1/2" 1280x1024 VAC 135 camera / iuVCR acquisition software / 7 fps

Enhanced composite movie ...

Enhanced composite image and movie are done with a background solar image from the processing with Registax5_1 of 160 images before the transit.
Then sunspots and filaments are much more visible ...
You can
download the original real speed movie of the transit (acquisition was with lossless Fastcodec) now converted in XVID format


When the tail of a plane points to a sunspot (1061) !

20100406 // Lx200 GPS 12", 3.3 reducer, Astrosolar, Canon 40D single exposure, 100 ISO 1/5000s
Processing Registax5.1 (special gamma masking for enhancing dark plane) & finition PSP


How to detect such an event in a few huge - hours long - Divx AVI of more than about 10000 (1280*1024) frames ???

When plane is low in the sky it is big but only 1 image will be captured ! Sun in H-Alpha.

My solution is :
Registax 5 but with some VirtualDub preparation in order to work fast !

Open name1.avi with Virtual dub, crop (add filter null transform /cropping) around the Sun or Moon (numbers / 4 in the 4 cropping edits),
add filter 2:1 Reduction high quality, add again filter 2:1 Reduction high quality
choose no compression (or better HUFFYUV) then save small size AVI under name1MD.avi choosing the batch mode (Don't run this job now ...).
Do the same for name2.avi, name3.avi ... then run job control eventually for the night !

Next step is to open the AVIs with Registax 5 using the mode showing the AVI on the right of the dialog box.
Select align using center of gravity with a good threshold value above background and 100 in lowest quality.
After align all image(s) with a plane (or bird...) will be in first positions.
Limit to the frames with events, go directly to stack page, stack then save from stack page a maximum size unsorted movie and also BMPs.
Do the same for the next AVIs.

Sun H-Alpha

Perfect hit !
click (right for download) on one of those images for full size Divx...
Coronado SM90, BF30, VAC 135 BW camera in pseudo color mode, 0.5 reducer on Perl-Vixen fluorite 100/900 refractor.
Right image with StarMax (addmin mode)

How to detect such an event in a huge - hours long - Divx AVI of 11000 (1280*1024) frames ???

My solution is :
Open the AVI with Virtual dub, crop around the Sun (numbers / 4 in the 4 cropping edits),
Then add filter 2:1 Reduction high quality
Then add again filter 2:1 Reduction high quality

defiltered Canon 300D, ETX90 on tripod, 1/800s, 1600 ISO, continuous mode
Gometz-la-Ville, France



Animations realised with ControlCam (Micro Application),
ToUCam Pro and Perl Halley 70 with 2 (6.3) reductors