I) Webcam CCD pictures with mm scale

Same scale for all CCDs

Greyscale Quickcam from Connectix,

QC Pro and VC from Logitech,

Vesta Pro from Philips

II) VC and telephoto lenses : Sun

(Moon would be same size)


III) Possibilities of the webcams to image H alpha

Using differents webcams for Halpha prominences :
test in rather poor atmospheric conditions
left greyscale Qcam, center Qcam Pro, right Qcam VC

IV) The Vesta Pro with different compatible objectives !

Vesta Pro Philips Webcam equipped with the objective lens of the
QC PRO                                VESTA PRO                                      VC
The color of the grass shows immediately that the IRcut filter is not included in the VC lens
It is possible to go from a teleobjective to a wideangle lens !

Using manual exposure we can see the difference in sensibility with IRcut filter
(left = Vesta Pro objective) or without (right = VC objectiv) !
It is the same when the Vesta Pro is placed behind a telescope.
The presence of an IRcut filter is mandatory for good color rendering (if aperture size permits).
Top exposition is set for the Vesta Pro objective, bottom one is set for the VC

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