The "Connectix" adaptation of the Vesta Pro to 1"1/4

Adaptation when done !

The necessary ingredients :
(left) PVC tubing 1"1/4 with inside molded smaller ring, cupper plumbing adaptor tightly fitting (right)
the threaded metallic central part of an unused Connectix greyscale QC lens
(Other small tube of the same diameter could be used)

The inside PVC ring is very slightly widend with a round file then the cupper ring is forced inside

The extraneous PVC tubing is cut then the axis are leveled by tampering slightly on the ring
with a small hammer and tip of the file

A slight depression at the end of the tube permits the screwing of a good quality IRcut filter (SBIG)
to obtain saturated colors as with the original lens


Test results with above adaptation :
without (left) and with (right) IRcut filter and the Pearl Halley 70
Insulator at about 20m is slightly sharper and colors are more differentiated with IRcut filter
(effects would be less sensible with a miror telescope used at prime focus)

Last News !! Super standard adaptators

For all WEBCAMs :

Mailto "P.C.S. - Loudeche D." <>
who makes two models of very high quality,
one in anodised metal with inside thread for adding a 1"1/4 filter and for intensive use (~ 20$ + shipment),
the other one in PVC, more economical, without filter-holder (~10$ + shipment).

 This image (PVC adaptator) Copyright D. Loudeche


for the whole Sun (or Moon) on the TUC CCD

On this picture you can see the whole setup.
Perl Halley, diameter 70mm, focal length 400mm.
It is mounted on a Perl Vixen SP DX and equilibrated with the C8.
The finder is protected with a sun polymère filter placed in PVC pipe

Below see how the PH is fixed on the bar.

The TUC is mounted with a first adaptator specially done by Danny
It goes directly on the C8 thread and on the TUC (or Vesta Pro)

On the reductor side is placed the second male-male adaptator from Danny
to interface the Perl Vixen tube with the Celestron reducer

Below, all is in place. Note that a short supplementary PVixen tube is needed to be able to focus

Attention ! With such an achromatic refractor an IRB filter is mandatory.
Here it was placed in front of the reducer pair

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