1. Perfect water level (nice and precise horizontal line !)

In any vessel add water and a few drops of dish cleaning liquid. Shake and let rest for 1 min.



2. Approximate value reminder
(with single picture taken with single hand in the fields, montain ... especially useful for remembering hyper 3D base)

3. *.SER files repair
In case you recorded a .SER file and space disk went to 0 the number of frames is not written in the SER file.
You can repair by putting a reasonable number as shown. Estimate number of frame like this :

A) In 16 bit format (SizeOfFile in bytes - 178*** ) / 597 033 ...

*** 178 dec, 0xB2, is start of data

My case : 120 601 KB --> 202 Frm hexa CA00 ....


B) In 8 bit format (SizeOfFile in bytes -

See also :

4. I found this trick : Recover software screen lost on invisible part of your desktop
(happens for example after I-Display use and no more screeen sharing)

Bring the application into focus (ex. Alt-Tab) then press ALT-SPACE then M then move the unseen application with left or right keys to bring it back to the visible desktop ! Finally hit RETURN when Ok.


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