Thermal Infrared (TIR) Imaging Picture Gallery (2D & 3D)

"Best of"
(started 20101222)

This 3D picture using ThermApp (sideways chacha facing the camera ... and holding my breath !)

Latest video on Youtube : "Infrared Reveals !"



Here is my first 3D (chacha) TIR picture in honor of my beloved wife Annie ...


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"In the kitchen" "The house" "Outdoors" "Animals" "Human body" "Electronics" "Opacity" "Traces" "Buildings" "Improvements"   

For viewing stereo 3D picture best advice is to download StereoPhotoMaker

Stereo 3D pictures (// vision)
2D pictures
Frying steacks

Hot water bottle and ... cold nose (same as glasses)

Electric Kettle
Clouds at dusk
External hard disk
External hard disk
Somebody slept in that bed (other bright items are a notebook, AC-DC power supplies and part of a DSL box) !


The camera is protected at all time with a scotched "Albal" plastic film generally used to cover foods
and which is completely transparent in those wavelenght (7.5-13µ) ...
The LCD screen is protected with hoodskin as for a normal digital camera.


Camera Comparo !!

80 x 80
160 x 120
288 x 384
Above images with noise removed minimally and resized about the same

Above images without noise removal in original size


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