an old loss-less slide technic to enhance contrast and details, renewed with Starmax freeware ...




How to do it ?

If all the pixels of a bitmap are multiplied by themselves you have squared the image.
Of course you will need also a dividing factor otherwise most of the pictures except the very dark ones would become saturated.

Download Gilbert and I, Starmax for Windows freeware which can do this processing

Open the original image in File menu (download this example shown above)

It is now posted at the top of the left column

Open Process(Left column) menu and choose Batch Operations
Select Multiply by an image and select for the second time MosaCorrected.png

In this case adjust factor to 150 (you can play with all the parameters visible)

Hit Process Image then Close, the squared result is there and ready to be saved within File menu !

Note : with True Color pictures you can use the square and cube functions available in Process(Left column) menu...