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Below you can directly download RegiStax setups ... Each file has been tested with AVAST and IO-Bit Anti Malware.

Rightclick on names and choose save link as, to download :

Setup RegiStax5    Setup RegiStax 5_1   Setup RegiStax6   Update RegiStax6

RegiStax5 user manual in PDF

In French but self explenatory ... RegiStax5-Présentation at the RCE (2010, French, PDF)      RegiStax6-Présentation at the RCE (2012, French, PDF)



How to batch process lots of eg. AS!3 stacked still images for Wavelet as RegiStax only accepts AVIs as Input !


RegiStax V1.1 page and download

Install RegiStax3a


Install RegiStax4