now V0.10 Beta

Step by step ...

Original image loaded.
Zoom with mouse wheel outside the image ...


To place the 3 anchors defining the circle :
See that radio button "disk" is selected and "Show Corono" is checked.
Check "Edit" then click 3 times on the limb at about 120°.
After placing the third anchor, the corono effect is there and ready to save !


Main options ...

To move an anchor, place the mouse over it and wait a bit (or select the point number) until it turns blue, then click and drag.


Inversion of selection : click on "Invert Corono"


Line or disk
with the Line / Disk radio buttons
with or without corono effect


Menu / BckGnd / Corono color / White should give a white disk !


By clicking on this Freeware Download link you fully accept that this free BETA software
is given to you at your own risks and absolutely without any warranty whatsoever !

Just know that no threat has been found in executable "Coronado10.exe" by AVAST with Virus definitions version : 150326-0