ColorPeekerBasic V 2.4.2

By Gilbert Grillot and Sylvain Weiller
(20180215 - developed in Delphi 7)

Get the colors (RGB real values of the image) under the mouse anywhere on your PC screens even when working inside another application !
Use CTRL-SPACE to freeze or unfreeze the display ...

Get hidden technical informations easy to copy* -> click on "MOVE" ... same again to hide !

* RGB, #HTML, HSV (0 .. 240) and local window informations very easy to copy !

FREE for personal use only. Entities & commercial use, do contact us ...

By using this homemade freeware you fully agree that this is exclusively at your own risks !
Antivirus checking has been performed with Avast before release !

If you agree to above conditions, click here to start download ....

No installation required ! Just open the ZIP then place the software in a folder of your choice and create a shortcut on the desktop ...
!!! If you change the size of fonts in Windows setup (eg. 125%) visual problems - displaced elements, hidden letters or numbers - may occur in the application !

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