When, from where can I observe the ISS (or ATV or ...) crossing the disk of the Moon or (with special equipment for eye protection the Sun) using Calsky ?

Go to http://www.calsky.com/
Register indicating your favorite place of observation (Home ...) with the Google Map

For ISS click under "Current Topics"
on"See the International Space Station ISS"

Then in
"Select start of calculation" :
click "NOW"
Indicate a period "2 weeks" eg.
Don't click on GO !

You may like to see thoses 2 links :

"# 2-day map where ISS crosses the sun in Google Map"
"# 2-day map where ISS crosses the moon in Google Map"

Then in :
"Select satellite events for your location"...

Check only :
"Close fly-bys of satellite with sun, moon, planets, and stars" using 5°
"Only Sun/Moon events: Display transits/encounters only with the Sun or Moon, but not ..."

click "GO"

You are now in a page with a list of close encounters or transits

Why 5 ° ?
As the orbit mais change a lot in a few days, this assure you will have all the possibilities. Print the page and come back in Calsky later, closer to the event...

If transit confirmed on a ligne of the table (with all the parameters you can imagine, including direction of the transit) then in column "Object (Link)"
click on "ISS"

In the new page :
"Select start of calculation"... OK
"Select duration" ... OK but sometimes little short, adjust
"Select interval" Ok
Don't click yet on GO !

Now in the 3 colums of the green table :
"Output size" 800
"Realism (e.g. show Planets/Moons)" otherwise you will just see stars !
"Vertex is up" Sun and Moon as seen by eye
"Field of View" 1°

Now click Go ...

If you have followed all the steps you shoud see something like this (Sun) !

Good luck with seeing !