STL11000M / DSOs
Click on images for larger size (generally present) ...

First trial with the HorseHead and Rosette nebula ...

Fluorite 100/900, FD 5.6 fluorite special reducer ...NO filters used !
(HH 15x) (RN 6x) 300s high resolution light frames + 7x darks
Use of DSS, RegiStax6


Larger FOV Simulation (Stellarium)

The other large nebula near Alnitak is the Flame Nebula


Below DDP processing and rotated to put the Horse Head straight   


H-alpha filter color simulation

Rosette Nebula

Below use also of StarMax to make the square of the image which increases contrast ...


First real trial with Orion ...

Orange Celestron 8, FD 6.3 Celestron reducer
5x 300s medium resolution light frames + 3x darks
2x 30s medium resolution light frames + 5x darks
Use of RegiStax6, PSP, SGP2




Here is the FOV around M42 with my Perl Vixen 100/9010 fluorite at main focus (15s exp. Bin2x2, no flat)