STL11000M for The Moon (now sold)

Images with the Orange Celestron 8
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20150305 - Full Moon of Purim (the smallest full Moon of 2015)

Registration of 20 frames, Processing AS!2.

20140316 Full Moon
Single frame

Pushing the resolution : 42 frames registered with Autostakkert2! enhanced in RegiStax6
(see eg. crater in Plato)

20140312 Gibbous Moon
Single frame

20140308 X on the Moon
Single frame

The 16 frame registered version (Autostakkert2!) processed with NW-RegiStax6 at 2000 mm F (a bit better than best single frame shown below)
February 13, 2014


Details from full size picture












Same in 3D done with Lusol3D


This is a single full resolution images (best of 16) at 2000 mm F


Below a mosaic of the 6 best (1 out of 5 for each field) medium resolution images at 3200 mm F (1.6 2" Antares barlow) maybe giving a slightly better resolution on some small features but not really worth the mosaicing work implied ...


Images with the Perl Vixen fluorite 4" refractor (100/900)

Below a single medium resolution image processed in RegiStax6

Below a 42 stack medium resolution image processed in RegiStax6

Below a 20 stack high resolution processed in RegiStax6 and resized in HD. It seems that there is no need to do that regularly ... Click on image to download ...


Click on this link for a larger image


Installation in situation

Installation details : STL - diagonal - 1.6x Antares barlow - JMI focuser

Installation details : STL - JMI focuser