Actually in current use ...

Main telescope Meade LX200 12" GPS

Meade LX200 8" GPS to be used in the fields
Perl-Vixen Fluorite 100/900 SP mount
Sky Watcher 100/500 wide field for DSOs, Orion ED80
2 x Coronado HAlpha PST often used for deciding if there is something interesting on the Sun, also as a HAlpha guider. One is moded.
Meade ETX 90-EC used in vacations
Canon 10D DSLR, Canon 40D DSLR (defiltered)
Different cameras from IMAGING-SOURCE, PL1M, Webcams

Not used actually....

Meade LX200 10" Classic
Celestron 8" Black SPDX mount. Will be used soon for ISS tracking
Celestron 8" Orange Azimutal tripod
Meade DS127 (sold)
Vivitar F300/70, Pearl Halley 70
Casio QV 2(8/9)00
Sony DCR PC camescope