"My Very Hard Solved Questions !"

Hopefully it may help you too ... (Updated 20130321)


1) How to record Date and Time of Recording (timecode) when capturing from a HDV camcorder ?
[French tags : camescope date heure tournage]

Use HDV Split 0.77 beta or superior version in scenes splitting mode ! You get one file for each scene with the date/time recorded in the filename ...
Files are in M2t format, VLC will easily open them.

Example of use in astronomy : Precise timing of planetary afocal capture with camcorder behing an eyepiece. Results are interesting in HD !

2) How to get the ATIK-2HS (ATK-2HS B&W camera or also ToUCam Pro 840K) work nicely under Windows 7 (also Win7x64) ?

After a lot of research on Internet I found the answer on cloudynights.com from MisterBill ! Much thanks and credit to him !
Do it at your own risks !

Download spc900nc_00_dw7_eng.exe" for Windows 7 from Philips webpage and run it.

Two files have been then modified ... do a search to find then in your system disk.
The modified version of these 2 files are linked here :
SPC900.txt and Camvid40.inf

For you not to have hard time finding it I quote :
Pluged in the camera, went to Windows device manager and Right clicked on "Unknown Device"
Clicked "Update Driver Software"
Clicked "Browse my computer"
Clicked "Let me pick from a list"
Scrolled down and selected "Sound, video and Game controllers" then clicked Next
Scrolled down and Selected "Philips CE CSI" and then "Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera"
Clicked Next, and then Yes to the "update driver warning"
The Camera is now usable in Windows7 apps. It is now listed as Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera."

Just after this the ATK-2H B&W camera is readily recognized in FIRECAPTURE which is a good application for it !


1) How to set the default color of the folder with new incoming mails in Thunderbird-3 ?
[French tags : dossier nouveau message couleur]

Tested in XP (Vista should work the same I guess)

In Application Data/Thunderbird/profiles/"YourProfile" create a directory called "Chrome" and inside a new file "userchrome.css"
Edit the file by gluing in it the following text :

treechildren::-moz-tree-cell-text(folderNameCol, newMessages-true) {
font-weight: bold;
color: #FF0000 ! important;

You get red folders ! changing color to #0000FF will give blue ...
"YourProfile" will be what is set in your PC.


1) For any reason Windows 7 x64 does not boot anymore !
[French tags : Windows 7 x64 lancement problème ne se lance pas]

Tested in 64 bits (32 bits should work the same I guess)

You have tried update re-install but it won't work. All commun solutions available on Internet (fix MBR, bootsect, Boot (on already done or newly created from ISO) System repair CDROM and of course you don't have a recovery system image because you never wanted to "loose" 50-100Gb of another harddisk !)...
Tryng repair a few times with intermediate reboots may show a recovered system but finely will not work...
Nothing will work excepting of course possibility or Custom reinstallation of Windows ... If you do that all you will have to reinstall all your softwares and moreover you may loose all your mails, Internet history and bookmarks, lots of passwords, lots of documents-images-videos, etc ... very very bad situation !

Here is the final recovery steps I have elaborated during about 5 days of work as I could use another PC in the meantime for urgent things.

1. Boot with a Live Linux CD or DVD (linux mint 8+, Ubuntu 10+...) or equivalent USB key. You generally have to press F8 at boot to enable boot options if not already set in BIOS.
2. Connect a USB2 external hard disk with enough space to copy all your boot disk data (BKP). Eventually buy one ! Create a main BOOT directory.
3. Copy in multiple steps all the Boot disk directories and files into BKP/Boot : Step one - copy all except system32. Step two - create a System32 directory. Step three - copy all system32 directory. Be aware that some crypted files will not be copied and generate errors if you try. Then don't copy them but copy all the other in their respective directories. It's a bit tedious but it the price to pay.
4. Now that all you precious files are backuped (in my case I made a second backup copy on another internal data disk I have), we can start erasing data on the boot disk.
5. Reinstall Windows7 using Custom (= erase all !) installation. Result : Boot is Ok now but you have almost nothing left on the disk !
6. Reboot with Linux CVD/DVD.
7. Copy all the directories and files from the BKP into the fresh boot partition.
8. Reboot from harddisk. You should now see you old username again. Try to login. In my case got "login off" 3 sec later. Tried again ... same. Probably the problem is about security. Then ?
9. Reboot from harddisk but press F8 a few times to enter (not boot disk options as before) Windows boot options. Don't choose 'Normal' but diagnostic option.
10. You should be able to enter this windows mode with your username and for the first time see your 'normal directories'. Now create a new account with administrator rights and no password. After that delete the previous account in which you could not enter Windows.
11. Reboot normally. You should be able to login this time ! Welcome into recoverd Windows 7 !
11. One problem remains, Windows activation does not work. The only way I found was to reinstall Windows once more but this time in UPGRADE mode for one user. Now you can activate Windows7.

Everything should be normal again. Nothing - or almost - has been lost. Eventually depending of you special case, you can do some additionnal copies from your BKP ...

It worked for me, hoppefully it will work for you ! ... It took days to make trials but now could be done more rapidly. Still consider that copying 80-100 Gb of data from there to there a few times ... takes hours !