LuSol-3D : Solar and Lunar Rotation / 3D Software


This Java software, written by Olivier Cioni, can be downloaded as an executable, Lusol3D.jar, on this page :

I do collaborate with the developer especially concerning the 3D functions ...

I will show here :

How to apply a corono effect on prominence image

How to use it to make a 3D image of the Moon (could be Sun) from a SINGLE image !

STEP 1 : Run

Run Lusol3D.jar

Load your image


You see something like this :

You can eventually close the Images window if you work with a single picture.

STEP 2 : Borders

Now extend Lusol-3D to full screen (not shown here for space reasons).
Best fit the red circle to the Moon (same with Sun
) moving around all the little green handles.

Note : if your object is not a perfect circle (Let's say you work on planet Jupiter) you can change to an ellipse using the 'Circle definition' Menu


1- Corono effect

Original PNG

Step by step below ...
Click on images with menu in them for larger view.

2- 3D Moon or Sun

STEP 3 : Starting 3D

Now choose 3D view at the bottom of the window

This opens a new window :

click somewhere on the Moon and drag the mouse ... a 3D model is really created !

With up and down arrows you can change the curve from spherical to ellipsoidal
(used if your final results look as rugby balloons) ...
You can also zoom or dezoom with the mouse wheel

STEP 4 : making the 3D you want !

For the time being (should be implemented in later versions)

- there is no save of this window then you have to use window or screen capture
- there is no arrows moves then you have to use the mouse carefully to move horizontally a few pixels ...

Take a first snapshot ... rotate ... take the second snapshot ... (shown here in bi-stereo you can see either in crossed eyes or in parallel :

Drag both snapshots in StereoPhotoMaker (SPM) and chose the way you want to present the result !