ISS Solar / Lunar Transits

NOTE : GIF animation files are large (15 - 40 MB) then be patient when opening this page ...


20160502 (07:39:50 UT) SOLAR TRANSIT

I) H-Alpha

Fluorite PV 100/900 on polar aligned LXD75 mount in my garden,
H-Alpha Coronado SM90_BF30, Celestron 6.3 reducer, short SCT/T2 adapter, ASI 174MM camera at full size, 16b SER file
Captured with FireCapture (see data),
Transit selected and re-saved as SER with "SER Player".

Recipe for the image below :
Part of SER without ISS and no clouds registered with Autostakkert!2 to be processed as background (enhanced with bilateral wavelets and curves for prominences).
Frames with ISS : wavelet enhanced, then aligned with the image below in PSP (50/50 transparency) then position of ISS measured with 1 pixel precision,
ISS copied with magic stick (40 tolerance) and precisely pasted at the same location in final image (gamma 0.50 applied on ISS). Process repeated..
GIMP2 Colorized composition ...

Animated GIF of the transit (from original resaved with SER Player)


II) White light

C8 Edge HD on polar aligned EQ6 mount in my garden,
Glass photo type (not visual) solar filter, Celestron 6.3 reducer, standard SCT/T2 adapter, Full frame SONY A7S in manual XAVC, 50 FPS
Conversion to AVI with Prism Video File Converter, lossless CODEC : LAGS,
Transit selected with VirtualDub (and 1 frame exported),
conversion to SER with PIPP to be able to re-save as high quality GIF with "SER Player" (not using transparency).

Left 1 exported frame, right composition of all transit frames with StarMax 2.5



The video (will only be seen in real time if downloaded on a fast PC ... Transit duration ~1s !).