GoPro Hero3+

Camera not turning ON or completely dead !!

When you have gone on many sites to read and try to revive the camera and failed here is another tip I discovered :

1- Connect the camera with battery and no SD to the Dual Hero System one or more time ... Red leds on the DHS should blink.

2- Connect the camera with no battery and no SD to the Dual Hero System and plug it with the GoPro cable to a charging only 2x USB power supply

3- If the charging red LED turns on try again to turn it on !

4 - Adjust the camera parameters (Date, etc...)


To be sure the camera will be working in the next hours ...

5- Turn simple WIFI ON

6- Insert battery

7- Insert µSD card

8- Turn OFF camera

The camera will emit blue light every few seconds.

9- To avoid discharge of the battery, plug and leave the camera connected to a USB power supply.


To check firmware of the camera

1- plug it to a PC

2- Right click on the camera and choose Properties or read text file in SD/Misc


Hope it helps !

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