FlareCapture 1.0c
(© Sylvain Weiller and Gilbert Grillot]

now included !

A permanent Internet connexion is required !
Your Screen Scaling must be 100 % (we are working for meeting other values ...)

Notes au francophones :
- Il y a une aide en Français dans le Menu Help de FlareCapture !

- Voir paragraphe de téléchargement en bas de cette page

A freeware to automatically capture Sun flares (and only them) in H-Alpha using GOES & FireCapture
It work with Windows 7+ and shold with XP/Vista

First successful unattended detection and recording during preliminary tests
(Surprising after a couple of days of very flat activity ... and only report on spaceweather.com !)

Range of 2000 frames from the 50GB AVI registered with AS!2 and enhanced with Astro-Image 3.0

FlareCapture generalities ...

The flares shown below would have been recorded unattended by FireCapture !!

How does it works ?

Look at this screencapture (click on it for full size !) ...

From left to right you : FlareCapture (with included GOES image updating every minute) and FireCapture ready to record.
In the FlareCapture window you see at right a green rectangle.
FlareCapture scans the ROI vertically from right to left until it finds the most recent red dot of the "GOES 15 1.0-8.0" Activity line.
Everytime the activity will touch of pass above the purple line (level set by user), a new recording will start and everytime the activity will go below, the recording will end.

To avoid too big single recordings (like tens of GBytes), connexion is now implemented with FireCapture Autorun !

Detection will start at once with a Run when there is already activity above the threshold line in the ROI and there is not yet at least one red point below it.

To do list :
1) The FireCapture window will be analysed and if it is black (generally meaning sky is cloudy) recordings will Pause.
2) If the time is outside the Sun visibility period it will wait or abort.
3) Use the plugin interface in FireCapture v2.5

The green ROI rectangle can be defined by the user with the edit boxes or with the mouse.

Flarecapture is working with FireCapture (v2.5.01 BETA,
v2.5.01 BETA x64 and FireCapture v2.4.12 )
Help is in english and french.

Note : FlareCapture must be started in administrator mode (especially in x64).

FlareCapture Manual
(Clicks on FireCapture Main Window)
see far below AUTORUN MODE


1- run FireCapture (administrator mode), choose your usual solar exposure settings (advice : use .SER!),
define your recording folder, then open at least the "Image" and "Control" tabs as shown below

2- Run FlareCapture (administrator mode)


The numbers in Pos. ON/OFF as seen above are Ok to trigger FireCapture if LT/RT are chosen
(LT = XY 0,0 @ Left-Top / RT = XY 0,0 @ Right-Top)
Also see in Options menu the possibility to choose FireCapture version and more ...

3- Recommended : Bring FireCapture main window above FlareCapture and adjust its width as shown below :
(Note : this width will be saved for next session if you dont change FireCapture main window width before exiting)



(After verification that the version of FireCapture now opened is exactly the same name as in the "Window Title")
4- Connect FlareCapture to FireCapture by clicking on "Search Window" :

(Note : Connexion data appears in the bottom window ...)

5- Test connexions

Look at the animation below showing what you should get yourself ...

Three Tests :

"Do Click OFF"

"Do Click ON" ... recording should start !

"Do Click OFF" ... recording should stop !

If all behaves like in the animation above then FlareCapture is working nominaly !


6- Load GOES solar activity graph @ 1 min interval (click "Load URL") and set window size as below right ...



7- Set detection threshold (purple line) with the elevator at right
(example above set to detect at least >= C2 flare levels)


8- Run !

Hit "Run ..."
From now on (until you hit "Stop") if the activity (red line) crosses the detection line upwards then recording will start.
It will stop when the activity goes below the purple line ...

9- Words of Caution !

You will need huge free hard disk space if recording at a fast FPS and if camera sensor surface used is large !

Example : just a few min of data with the ASI 174MM at Max (~FullHD) resolution and 100 FPS will take ~ 100 GB !!
I suggest investing in a very large external USB3 hard disk to be sure ... 4TB !
Remember that max file size in SER is 128 GB.
In FireCapture 2.5 BETA, "AutoHisto" mode is not recommended if you are working yourself at the PC because you will loose focus on your application often !

10 - Standard, Expert and Post mode

FlareCapture starts in Standard mode.
Goto Options and set Expert mode if wanted...



This mode avoids creating huge (~100GBytes) single files when recording a flare at high FPS !

1- Open FireCapture (administrator mode) and open Autorun window,
set Autorun parameters


2- (Open &) Set the parameters in FlareCapture
(always Open in administrator mode)

(As there is only one button, internal functionning is a bit more tricky ...
Future versions using FireCapture plugin is in the todo list.)

In Options menu chose "SetDefault Autorun"

Test Do Click On & OFF (same action as only 1 button)

Otherwise same way to use : load URL, Run ...


Note for solar guys ... SER-Player 1.4.1 a new version for which I collaborated (asking for and testing many new functions) is on line :
It is not any more only a great player but now can save parts or all of .SER 8 & 16bits into series if images or into a new .SER file ... plus numerous other great functions !
Recording in .SER especially the Sun in H-alpha has lots of advantages compared to AVIs !
It is a great work thanks to Chris !


Download FLARECAPTURE v1.0c
now included !

FREE for personal use only. Entities & commercial use, do contact us ...
By using this homemade freeware you fully agree that this is exclusively at your own risks !
Antivirus checking has been performed with Avast before before release :

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now included !

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