Reducing the W1 / W3 base to 1.6 cm !!

July 17 -> August 14, 2013

A nicely working prototype has been designed and assembled !

Download PDF V3.2 with more improved instructions and pictures & magnifying glass added !

Download Gallery V3.2


( Jan 23,2013)

Testing the Pearl TV glasses setup in line !

I arranged the glasses planted in a cardbox to have an idea of FOV, quality and 3D positions.

Please copy the 3D images with a right click then paste into SPM to accomodate your kind of 3D vision.

Here are the 2D (one lens) results :
(note when fully mounted for 3D the resulting base is expected to be about 2cm).
Under a small halogen light, the quality is fine and the FOV is a bit better than with the 1 mirror setup...

In both above pictures the subject is at about 20 cm from the W3 in 2D mode, macro & full zoom
The dice has 13 mm sides.

( Jan 15,2013)

Arrival of the two pairs of Pearl TV glasses !

Here are detailled vues of the "Zavarius" prism ...

Please copy the 3D images with a right click then paste into SPM to accomodate your kind of 3D vision.

Below you can see that they are 90°-60°-30° angle prisms !
I will have to change the graphics below (Jan 7) ...

The prisms are approximately like this :

The path showing the 60° deviation is shown here


Preliminary tests show that I can separate the prims from 1 to maybe 4 cm and still have a good view with my eyes.
I could probably make a mount to have a variable base ...

I am also surprised to see that absolutely no color fringes are present when one or even two prims are in line !

Here vue through one prism of a bulb

(Jan 07,2013)
note : below with the 60-60-60° prism I expected but which are not the one for thoses glasses. Just left here in case it may be useful ...

I think it is possible to use 4x 60° (Note : finally same idea with 90-30-60°) prisms from cheap bedroom TV glasses to make an adapter to reduce the base of the W3 & W1 ...
The half side of the prisms being about 1 cm, that would be the new base of the camera.

Optimal distance for the subject would then be 30 cm

But as I have used, without parallax problems if no far away backgrounds,
the nominal W3 at a minimal distance of 110 cm if I set the zoom to full,
I can expect to be able to take subjects (of less than 5 cm size) in video or stills at about 15 cm !

This would be great when cha-cha with the A3D setting is not possible as in the case of living animals !

The unused side of the prisms will be painted black.

I will post more as soon as I have received and tested this DIY !


Preliminary paper FOV Test [suggested by David (microfungy), with thanks !]

of course the exact size of the prism is not yet known ...
It seems that about 1/3 - 1/2 of the W3 (full zoom) FOV could be reached.
Above picture shows it possible (total width <= 3.75 cm) to fit in front of the camera.