Emmanuel Rietsch's 3D SlowMo Cam
2018/01 first prototype


Miscellaneous General Characteristics :

Lenses diameter 60 mm, x 2, 18-35 mm zoom, no filter threads

Center to center base distance user adjustable from 6.2 cm to 12 cm

Removable IR-Cut filter (with piezo) for NIR (near infrared pictures)

Stabilization : Not available.

F/D from 1/2.8 to 1/12

Sensors : CMOS, 16.7* x 16.7 mm, pixel 4µ, 4096 x 4096 square (* = APS-C height), interlaced.
(later models will be 16:9 format : 16.7 x 9 mm, 4096 x 4096)

ADC choice of 8 or 16b

Slot for µSD, internal copies via copy-paste from memory

External connectics USB III 300Mb/sec

Internal memory (non volatile buffer) 8 TB !

Focus : Auto, manual, plus x/y/z displacements.

Speeds from 1/8000 sec to BULB with Auto, A mode, S mode, M full manual mode

ISO Auto, Manual (100 to 8000 with special 22000 Boost mode)

Extremely fast synch of the both channels

Synch mode transfer mode with Windows software

Savings of files :

- folders "Pictures" and "Videos" : Pictures\YYYY\MM\DD and Videos\YYYY\MM\DD
- File names : YYYYMMJJhhmmssmsmsms
- Converted files from RAW have a prefix "Converted-"


Power supplies (not yet optimized) :

Input : 9.6 to 48V
Charging of internal battery available
Actual prototype contains an internal Lipo-Fe battery 3000mAh, L 65 mm W 40 mm H 8 mm, max autonomy 3 h
110-240V external power supply 19.6V, 6 A working with lithium battery 11.7V 10000 mAh


Photos :

Output formats :

2D : BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, RAW, CRW (Canon), DNG (Nikon)


For each of those formats you can choose compression, interlacing or not.


Videos :

3D stereo or mono with same speed

Internal format : RAW (Proprietary), AVI, MP4,DV, MP2

Output formats :
Software internal & for PC/Windows to convert to AVI, MOV, SER

USB modes :

- Webcam mode, 8 b, limited to 100 FPS, 8192 x 4096
- Disk access
- Charge only (if internal battery)


High Speed / Slow Motion Modes (tested values) :

- without live display --> Full Frame (2048 x 2048) up to 1000 FPS, if using only 1 sensor quadrant speed increases up to 10000 FPS with no duplicated frames !
- with live display --> 50% speeds