I have done some interesting 3D imaging with the FollowMe drone ...

I choose the Quanum "FollowMe". With about 2 hours of flight, I am now having enough experience to control it as I want !

Here is the Manual with my comments ...

Here are the Details of the smartphone android APP (ICatchWifiCam) ...

Link to a short video (23 MB) from the original camera (Full HD, converted from .MOV to Xvid AVI compression 1) :
Full quality : Right Click on DOWNLOAD and save on your computer where you can open it ... otherwise but really worse quality here is the Youtube link :

The link to donload the Android app :

3D imaging ! Click here.

First light : screen capture during a self rotating movie (HD mode 1080, saved as .MOV) ... Click for full size

First field flight :
There I tested Hover then Self rotate at 30 m above ground ...
Some comments :
If you short press ascend or descend the drone will go to 30 m or go down to ground.
To stop the up down movement at any time press Hover button !

First 3D test images (click for full size) but only screen captures from movies at moment where there was a sideways move by chance ... A lot to learn yet :)

Example of panorama made with self rotate function and free Microsoft ICE software (from video) :

Clic on pano for UHD size !

Camera settings :
Some settings must be done directly with camera menus for example setting 2.7K or 4K recordings ...
ATTENTION : Turning ON WIFI or restarting the camera will set back the resolution in 1080p then there is NO way to use the camera in 2.7K or 4K with WIFI mobile control :(
If you want to use the camera in 2.7K or 4K (both 15 FPS) you can with the provided menus but without any visual control once the camera is flying !

So now let see the camera Menus ...

Turn ON camera and after initialisation then turn OFF WIFI (using down button) then press Menu (same down button again to turn ON or restart camera).

Open main Menu with Enter button (UP button)

See all the Submenus in detail opening this page !