Modification (defiltering) of a Canon EOS (D)

The hard part of the job if you want to add your own filter : Extraction of the original IR cut filter

Here shown for 300D but could be used for 350D, 400D, 5D...


For the whole procedure (disassembling of the Canon) see

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Prepare the extracting tool shown on the right in a 3-5 mm thick plexiglass plate.

First make a round hole in the midlle. Then cut a rectangular hole using a jewelry saw. Don't go to fast when sawing otherwise the plexi will melt then be hard again when cooling and the fragile saw blade could then brake or be locked in).

The carboard and the hard plastic are cut at a size about 1 mm less than the filter.

The red circles I put on the image (after doing the extraction) could be bored to hold the IRcut filter in place before pressing on it using the two holes of the plastic holder.

Put a layer of tape on the filter to protect it.

Then place above the the filter the cardboard then the hard plastic plate and wrap in scotch tape.

I used scotch tape to hold the filter in front of the rectangular hole.

Then just press slowly but strongly hard in a metal vice, using a wooden plate for protection on the other size.

Here you see the result : the filter has been removed from its holder

Take of the filter holder then remove the plastic, the cardboard and finally the IRCut filter.
Here the filter holder on the removed filter side and untouched side
Finally the IRcut filter with its dimensions

ribbon cable does not just pull out of its connector. Instead, the connector is a "hinged type".

The moded Canon 300D is now working nicely :)

Words of caution not found in other sites :

1) Some small "hinged type" connectors are very prone to blow into 2 separate parts ... then one needs a high magnifying glass and dexterity to put them back together !

2) In case you replace the original filter by your own glass plate (with filtering caracteristic or not) intensive care should be taken to avoid any dust between the new plate and the sensor !
Afterwards there is absolutely no way to get rid of them except by dismantling again the Canon camera !

Example of use of my astronomy filter spectra page : I have found a new use for my LPS filter !

click for allmost original size images (1Mo) :

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