Coupling 2 SX220/230 HS with SDM and video synch


20140923 : Youtube quality comparison with different uploads

original 3D movie full width version (YouTube tag : yt3d:aspect=x:y) half-width version (no special tag)


Extimate below quality in different Youtube resolutions :

in my opinion the best of each upload (quasi identical with a very small advantage for the 1920x1976 one :

2013 / First intallations and Surf session

The base is about 1 m !

Surfers are at about 40-80m distance

Result (from 3D Movie screen capture)

3D videos on Youtube :

Power bank

PowerBank power supply (5600 mAh) for a great longtevity ~ 4 hours of film (4x original batteries) !

Left : The power supply at test time / / Right : Powerbank caracteristics

On Ebay you may find : POWER BANK 5600mAh For IPHONE IPAD MICROUSB / I used easy to connect Sony Ericsson K750 plug

(Note : powerbanks from other sellers may have different kind of plugs ... check or buy a cheap Sony Ericsson K750 USB Charger/Data cable)

& AC Adapter For Canon ACK-DC30 Powershot SD700 IS SD800 IS SD870 IS

The power jacks are 4 x 1.7mm available on Ebay #230355308653

Jack : see the filed retaining ring ... At right, all done after hot glue securing on both connectors !

In situ simulation of the prototype of the 2 SX2x0HS, movie-Synch, the 2 Powerbanks and the deers in the background. This time for stills and movies I was holding the whole assembly in my hands ...
Incredible when you are used to switch batteries and so relaxing to have been able to work about an hour and "loosing" only one blue power LED on each,
moreover with the power-meter of each camera remaining always at 100% !!

A better view (3D-X) of the prototype while recharging a powerbank with micro-USB plug (not furnished)

Corresponding schematics :

You can download this short movie (.AVI xvid) done that day (very poor light conditions sometime before rain ...) : TestDeers

Many more videosynch movies on my Youtube :