Beautiful Aldebaran Occultation by the Moon !

Dec 23, 2015

Fluorite 102/900 + 2" special adaptator ring + 1.4 x Extender, Canon 500D with MagicLantern in 1s intervalometer. 1/30s 100 ISO.
Aldebaran is the white dot which disappears 1 sec later behind the part of the Moon in shadow situated at about 8:30 (on a 12 hours disk).

Animation of 2 consecutive pictures at start of occultation

Pictures at end of occultation.
Aldebaran is the white dot which appears at about 2:30 (on a 12 hours disk).
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A daylight eclipse of Venus by the Moon !

Link to a real time movie taken with a DCR-PC Sony camcorder and 1.5x extension. This is in real time, no acceleration.

Below Venus is occulted by the dark side of the Moon.
This was transmitted as a livecast at a slower rate (1/10fps, here 1fps)!

Later Venus is again slowly visible, so bright compared to the Moon !
This was transmitted as a livecast at a slower rate (1/10fps, here 1fps)!


Moon & Saturn grazing Occultation 20070302

Below you can upload real time astromovies (thumbnails are accelerated)
to feel as if you did the pictures yourself !

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3 & 4

Getting closer 1 (4Mo)

Getting Closer 2 (6Mo)


Full contact !!! - (18Mo!)

                                         SBS crossed eyes view
                                          Anaglyph view

Parameters and Explanations


Except otherwise posted, all movies are captured at my home

Related still images


This picture extracted from above movie.

LX200 12" at main focus, B&W moded Toucam Pro, R25 red filter to cut the blue sky.



All movies taken at the main focus of the LX 200 12" with a Toucam900 in color mode. Manual exposure mode. 10 fps acquisition.
This movie well exposed for Saturn



This movie well exposed for the Moon

Above, 4 image have been combined for Saturn. Also saturation of the Moon has been increased slowly in PSD on a good original looking before processing just like image below !.
click on image for a larger one.



Same as 1 & 2 but Saturn and Moon are getting closer



Now Saturn will slowly glide almost behing the Moon... very spectacular !

NB. This AVI will take a good min to download on a fast internet stream !