20090402-03 Moon Shadows evolution in hours
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SCT 254 and VAC 135 camera


Asap reworking of each individual image to correct luminosity variations due to atmospherical conditions and due
See explanations below !

Full screen Moon Promenade
2005/03/15 (13.5Mo)
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  Good quality
 15Mo (divx1Kbs)

Highest quality :


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Giant full screen Terminator Promenade 2005/03/16 (15.5Mo Divx)
New : Quicktime version !
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20050323. (11.6Mo).
This is a movie done by simply moving the telescope around with the handset. As you can see the effect is not at all the same as in the previous movies realised from a large mosaic with Pano2Avi. Because of the effect of seeing, there is no more the feeling to be in orbit around the Moon ! 

Full screen Gibbous Moon Promenade
2005/04/18-1730UT (4Mo)
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Keep it as an animated wallpaper :)

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Full screen Gibbous Moon Promenade
2005/04/18-1730UT (4Mo) COLOR
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Keep it as an animated wallpaper :)

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Parameters and Explanations

Moon shadows (click on image for full size)


Except otherwise posted, all movies are captured at St Rémy lès Chevreuse, France

Related still images


Gibbous Moon

Full screen Gibbous Moon Promenade 2005/04/18 (5Mo).
Mosaic of 3 images automatically done by autostitch ! Each composed of  less that 10 images taken with the Canon10D at 200ISO & 1/80s. LX200 12" at main focus (FD10).
Astromovie done with Pano2Avi v0.6.

Color version in PSD on the  3 original images (bad results on the .JPG mosaic) :
Load image / duplicate layer / use original layer as luminance.
{ on the 2nd layer do 20 times the sequence CTRL-U+tab+30+RETURN then gaussian 10}.Save as best quality  progressive JPG.

Do the mosaic with Autostitch. The load it into Pano2AVI v0.6. Parameters are easy to set. Save as AVI using HuffYUV or DIVX codec.
To display directly a reduced version on a web page do : load AVI into Virtualdub, in video options select filters /add/reduction 2:1 two times (here) + compression huffyuv, save as new AVI. Open AVI in PSP animator, decimate by how much you want, then reduce size further if needed and save as animated GIF.

Moon, Pleiades setting...

First trial to be improved : Canon10D on tripod, old Lentar 28 mm lens, 30x15s , 400 ISO, CRW-exposures, interval 25s allowing plenty of time for internal saving. CRW batch resized to 1024*768 and transformed into JPG with Irfanview1.95 then Virtualdub-V1.64+ can read the JPG-batch. Levels and many more parameters can be modified. Final saving into divx AVI (AVI can later be loaded in PSP animation shop for making a small low resolution animated GIF)

Lunar Halo

At about 02:20UT in light fog,a large serie of exposures times have been taken for this animation from 0.006s to 1s with the Canon 10D and 75-300 zoom lens + teleextender 1.4x at 100 ISO in order to be able to show a correctly exposed Moon and its much less brighter surroundings. The camera was mounted on an equatorial motorised mount.

At right clicking on the image links to a full size high resolution composite created with 1s, .8s and 0.006s exposures. 

Vertical Giant Terminator Promenade

Realised with dedicated software (see Moon Promenade below).
Same conditions of capture too but 14 images.

Giant Terminator Promenade

Realised with dedicated software (see Moon Promenade just below). Same conditions of capture too but 24 images * (6*50 frames).

Moon Promenade

Realised with a special Windows software Pano2AVI developed by my friend Gilbert Grillot which scans a large BMP (or JPG) picture and makes a new serie of  BMP (or JPG)  of the size you want while translating the window from the number of pixel you want.
Each image coming from an AVI of 7 images captured with AstrosnapPro from 20:16 to 20:38, each being the result of 100 frame integration/live registration. Final registration with Registax3. The mosaic done with PSP as described elsewhere in this site can be downloaded by clicking on the image at right. LX200 12" at FD10, ToucamPro moded with B&W sensor.

Moon shadows


At first quarter jagged peaks of Caucasus mountain range cast long shadows  across the lava plains of Mare Imbrium (the Sea of Rains). This movie shows them receding when the sun rises there ! Total watch from 19 to 01:20UT, allmost 6:30 hours ! Then the Moon was too low in haze to capture anymore images. See best moments : click on image at right. BTW I wonder how fast the temperature rised in thoses wird places during my watch ? If you know please mail me
LX200 12" at main focal point, ToucamProII B&W moded. Astrosnap Pro at 10 fps flux mode. Images integrated /convoluted continuously in APro into a 50 frame buffer. 1 frame automatically added to AVI every 1 min. Further aligned in Registax3 and saved as movie with the "maximum" option of the stack window. Cropped and saved in divx 5 2 1 with virtualdub at 4000 kbps. I appreciated to have this image published on (2005/03/18)