GRS transit occurs during capture at opposition !

This is the longest (4.7 hours), most complicated and highest quality Jupiter animation I have ever done !

Framed capture : 384 000 at 22 fps with the moded Canon 40D ! Size of Capture on disk (compressed !) 107 Gb ! Divided into 384 movies of 1000 frames each (~45s) separately co-registered and processed with the new extended batch mode of RegiStax, multicore version 6.
One full night on an Intel I7 950, 4 cores/8 threads, overclocked at 4Ghz processor helped by Raid0 hard disks and 6Gb fast memory was needed !
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20050403-04 :
GRS transit &
Io eclipse  partially its shadow
(click on Jupiter for Divx, 0.5Mo)

See explanations below !

Highest quality in HuffYUV
** (4Mo)
Lower quality in animated GIF (2Mo)

20050403-04 :
GRS transit &
Io eclipse  partially its shadow
(click on Jupiter for Divx, 0.4Mo)

Unprocessed capture, click here

See explanations below !

Download original unprocessed avi below :
First half : 800 frames=9Mo

Full original :1648 frames=20Mo
See explanations below !

The full transit of the GRS !
Quality is just acceptable as seeing changed rapidly with also lots of light clouds passing  by ...

See explanations below !


Parameters and Explanations


Except otherwise posted, all movies are captured at St Rémy lès Chevreuse, France

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Io exit Jupiter shadow

Io in the shadow of Jupiter appearing slowly ... AstrosnapPro, integration of 200 images with internal guiding & correlation on 10, one shot every about 7s. For better visibility, level adjusted in VirtualDub.

Particular transit of  IO and GRS on Jupiter

very rare event !

It was a very rare opportunity to watch/capture the simultaneous transit of the GRS and of Io, moreover eclipsing partially its own shadow (not round as usual) ! This event was permitted by the fact that it was the day of opposition of Jupiter  for 2005 !

With the help of Astrosnap in flux mode, a huge set of  color images (~32000**, 900Mo, 416*312 pixels) have been captured  automatically in JPG format with the TUCam Pro in manual mode. An AVI could have been made but in case of  system failure would have been lost entirely ! Interval was 5 min, each sequence was 90s long. Unhappilly, some passing clouds have restricted the number of usable images in some sequences... the resulting composite image is then more noisy. It took a few days processing all the images with a 2.1Ghz PC as follows :
Using the JPG saved time as reference, all the images of each sequence (about 700) were loaded in Virtualdub1.64 (new version accepting JPGs), if present bad images (noisy + dark when clouds) were eliminated and remaining ones save into an uncompressed AVI. This AVI was fully processed/registered/wavelet-enhanced with Registax3. 45 unsable BMPs were saved. They were easily re-registered for fluidity with AstrosnapPro. Virtualdub transformed the still images into a new AVI (in lossless HuffYUV, divx521) ; Also a gif version was done for easy publication. The span is about four hours ! If you want to see all the individual images, just reopen the AVI with virtualdub.

The real number was more than 45000 ... until daylight but the last thousands of  pictures with no sign of Jupiter have been erased !


Test your processing skills !

Jupiter (Avi25)captured 2005/03/01 between 02:56:38 and 02:58:38 UT
LX200 12", foam due-heater, ToucamProII color, 3x Televue Barlow (9m FL).
Astrosnap Pro at 15 fps. Aligned in Registax3 and saved as movie with "maximum" option.
Cropped and saved in divx 5 2 1 with virtualdub at 1500 kbps.
Available complete movie or just the 800 first frames in original order (no selection).
On the right you can see the result I obtained with Registax3 with the full movie------>
*** : compression > divx 4000bps does not destroy significantly final quality :) Full original has been aligned in Registax (but train process as if not) :1648 frames=20Mo will give 250Mo . Once retranslated in Huffyuv. After processing in Registax3 (with 256 pixel selection, optimizing to 1% with 10 pix, wavelet processing & resizing to 50% - about 1 hour with 2GHz) and finishing job in PSP this is the resulting image !!