20150127 Passage of NEA 2004 BL86

Processing of NASA video ... Original followed by processed ...

1- for a much faster animation, please download the .GIF file (with a right-click) or AVI file and see it on your computer !
2- If someone could make a synchronized side by side animation from the GIF/AVI file, please do it and send it to me :)

Canon 1100D Full-Spectrum 3200 ISO, RAW CR2, ED80 on LXD75, 46 x 10" light frames (+ flats & darks), 15s interval, changed to graysacle.
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20150127 03:16 -> 03:38 UT
Gaps in the asteroid's trail are from intermittent clouds

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Working conditions (click on images for full size) :
Left : entire FOV of the (full spectrum) Canon 1100D. The asteroid is the small vertical dash obtained with 20s exposures.
Looking with a 24 mm eyepiece, the field is even much larger and I could just see about 3-4 stars and guess a few others !
I never saw anything moving fast enough to be notices in about 1 min and probably did not see the asteroid ...
Right : Zone chosen for the video below (1920x1080)