Equatorial sideral tracking with precise polar alignment, only northern hemisphere.

No need of any power supply !

Working time after full rewind of the sclock spring : about a week ! No way to stop it.

Weights :

Clock only : 900g

Bar + counterweights 700g (1cw) or 1200g (2 cw)

Up to 3 Kg of optics

In French only :

User guide 1

User guide 2

Will easily carry a Coronado PST + camera (here ASI 120MM-S at main focus) ... below 3D cross-eyes picture (click for 3D //).

Adding more weight to be able to use a micrometric X/Y platform for aiming precisely and for the traveler a bottle filled with sand is used !

TEST IMAGES in city polluted sky (note focus to be improved)

Questions : mail to me !