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Retired, I have participated to the beginning of the webcam adventure in astronomy, a time where we were modifying all the Philips ToUCams we could put a hand on. Today, my main interests are ISS Hires tracking, the Sun in H-alpha (Coronado SM90 & double-stack PST), planetary imaging with a 12" LX-200, 3D stereoscopic imaging especially macros, near infrared (NIR), thermal infrared (TIR), UV photography, High speed (slow motion movies), Lightings... I have a full spectrum Canon EOS 1100D and a partially defiltered Canon EOS 40D. For the ISS, I use a special modified EQ-G mount and Videos Sky software, both developped by E. Rietsch ! I am day after day grateful to the authors of Registax, Autostakkert, VirtualDub, GIMP2, Astrosnap(XP only), Deepskystacker, SER-Player and FireCapture softwares which are some of the best amateur astronomy tools ! I have been most active in RegiStax development and I am member of the SCF (french 3D stereo club). Sometimes my imagery of the Sun have led to scientific publications.

I like making the best of cheap technologies ... please visit my Youtube channel ---> sweillerYT

Sylvain Weiller

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ISS transit (colorized composition) on the Sun in Halpha ...
Fluorite PV 100/900, Coronado SM90, reducer 6.3, ASI174MM camera Date : May 2, 2016 07:39:50 UT (in my garden)
Click on Sun for special web page with pictures, details and videos !
ISS transit on the Sun in Halpha ...
Fluorite PV 100/900, Coronado SM90, ASI174MM camera Date : Feb 16, 2016 (at home)



Lastest additions ....

Mercury transit on the Sun ! (20160509)

ISS transit on the Sun ! (20160502)

  ISS pass in color : 20160313

StarMax v2.5 | En | Fr

Moon & Jupiter Conjunction (Feb 24, 2016)

Infrared Reveals !

  Magic Lantern & Video : short exposures, slow FPS (20160209)

  ISS C8 Edge, EOS 500D, Telrad tracking (20160207-09)

  ISS ETX-90, ASI224MC, Finder tracking (20160203)

Full Moon color & natural tones, 3D, UHD TV ! (20160125/31)

ZWO ASI224MC, a low noise color camera (updated 20160121)

  ISS pass in color details : 20160113

FlareCapture v1.0c (20151116)

Aldebaran Occultation by the Moon (20151223)

Total Lunar Eclipse (20150928, root)

Plane solar transits (20150628)

Full spectrum 1100D ... Near IR in the nature

Solar granulation in continuum (20150610)

ISS Pass with ASI 174MM (20150607)

Your own 3D Sun / Moon /Planets DIY images ... easy !

My final word about Sun H-alpha using Full Frame cameras
(SonyA7S & also SBIG STL11000M)

ZWO ASI174MM, a killer camera for the Sun in Halpha (20150513)

PST-DS, a new improvement of the drifting technique (20150506)

Moon colors (simulation) and real captures ! (20150506)

Orientation of images from a reference (Sun example) Updated

The Moon with the ZWO ASI 174MM (20150425)

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(Generally Lives are of the Sun in H-alpha)

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Click on left image to see the umbra at full size or on the right one to go to the related page with links to large astromovies !

Totality Animation !

Or click on picture below to open Moon total eclipse 2015 root page (7 cameras used !) ...

Click to open the page containing this more than one meter large Sun H-alpha image during X2 !!

Deep Sky Messier M1 Messier M2 Messier M3 Messier M4 Messier M5 Messier M6 Messier M7 Messier M8 Messier M9 Messier M10 Messier M11 Messier M12 Messier M13 Messier M14 Messier M15 Messier M16 Messier M17 Messier M18 Messier M19 Messier M20 Messier M21 Messier M22 Messier M23 Messier M24 Messier M25 Messier M26 Messier M27 Messier M28 Messier M29 Messier M30 Messier M31 Messier M32 Messier M33 Messier M34 Messier M35 Messier M36 Messier M37 Messier M38 Messier M39 Messier M40 Messier M41 Messier M42 Messier M43 Messier M44 Messier M45 Messier M46 Messier M47 Messier M48 Messier M49 Messier M50 Messier M51 Messier M52 Messier M53 Messier M54 Messier M55 Messier M56 Messier M57 Messier M58 Messier M59 Messier M60 Messier M61 Messier M62 Messier M63 Messier M64 Messier M65 Messier M66 Messier M67 Messier M68 Messier M69 Messier M70 Messier M71 Messier M72 Messier M73 Messier M74 Messier M75 Messier M76 Messier M77 Messier M78 Messier M79 Messier M80 Messier M81 Messier M82 Messier M83 Messier M84 Messier M85 Messier M86 Messier M87 Messier M88 Messier M89 Messier M90 Messier M91 Messier M92 Messier M93 Messier M94 Messier M95 Messier M96 Messier M97 Messier M98 Messier M99 Messier M100 Messier M101 Messier M102 Messier M103 Messier M104 Messier M105 Messier M106 Messier M107 Messier M108 Messier M109 Messier M110
The Solar System in action !
Saturn/Moon occultation, Sun in Halpha, Jupiter moons ....


A huge FOV webcam controled by "EOS Camera Movie Record" !

liveview + EOS-movrec (exploding balloons ! )
script by Denis Joye : ESR2

D.I.Y. Livecast !!!


Join ISSTracking group !


Fuji W3 3D camera

Fuji Finepix HS10 / HS 11 great possibilities

3 days during 2007 opposition of Mars.
Click here for astromovie !

FlareCapture ***

Outer planets ( Mars , Mars_Opposition | Jupiter | Saturn | Uranus )

Extracting the IRcut filter of a Canon EOS ( 300D)

StarMax v2.5 | En | Fr ***



In front of Sun & Moon

Coming soon :

TimerCommander ***

Meteor showers (Quadrantides)

Fuji W3-3D underwater

Broadcasting Live !


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+ 3D processing ...



Live ...


Asteroids : 2004 BL86

      Plane tracking (Emmanuel Rietsch Tracking System)    

Cells with black background have link !

The incredible green comet 17P / Holmes !
wallpapers ! Also shown in Persei with star names !
See what even a Sony camcorder is able to do !

The largest full Moon of 2009  !

Longest 21 st century eclipse in China

Satellites rotation  !


Saturn occultation by the Moon (20070202)
click on images for large size and also
See astromovies (Occultations section)

Moon total eclipse of March 2007
Also see the astromovies !

Solar Eclipse 20060329

Comet C/2006/P1/ McNaught, (click also here).



3D : 3D Astronomy

Generic 3D index

3D gallery
W3-3D underwater

Single mirror macro 3D

Learn stereoscopic vision
DXG 3D camera
"Mondial Automobile" (2006 PARIS), 3D movies !

Miscelleanous 1 : DSOs :

Meteo France, UK
Near Infrared
Wratten color filter curves
Starting spectroscopy
ATM, Collimation & Tips
Atmospheric phenomena
Thermography + Macro

Startrails (& planets) Starmax 21g
Fight light pollution: The P-Dark technic
A new start with good basis
Imaging with the partially de-filtered Canon 40D
Old Canon cameras
SGE: Star Autoguiding Software
SDC-435 up to 512 frm integration

Miscelleanous 2 : Links :

Frost patterns
Free nature & astronomy wallpapers
"Solved big Problems !"
Tips !
Webcam sensors (CCD)
LucamRecorder SER
Drone Imaging

Webcam/DLSR softwares & Utilities
Famous World CCD links
Astro links selection
Usefull items
Selected astro logos
Download Vesta Pro Driver for Windows 7, 8, 10 !!

Image processing :

Jupiter french challenge

Saturn & Encke french challenges
Screen Vision ... Enhance your vision!
Processing examples (ex.Mars)
RCE 2008
RCE 2012 (pol
BatchMaker (ZIP files for use with RegiStax5 ... Much better implementation in RegiStax6 !)
RGB-Switcher  for LG UHD TVs "Avatar's color problem" and more

My beginnings :

Old cameras
Deep sky (old webcams)
SC modded webcams for long exposures
Trepassing the Jupiter gate !
Google Maps/Earth vs World Wind
Telescopes and Cameras

Astronomy-awards (closed in 2006)

Astronomy Awards Winner
Softwares in development :
Corono & ImgBatchRotate, etc...


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